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Dumont Creek Cemetery

     The Dumont Creek Cemetery is owned and operated by the Dumont Creek Burial Society, a volunteer-based society in the Slocan Valley.

     Our Society was formed in 1980 to support and enable families and friends to bury their loved ones in a simple, kind, and cost-effective way.  

     In British Columbia it is legal for a family to make private funeral arrangements without a commercial provider. A major motivation for Society members is our desire to participate in doing the practical things that need to be done when a friend or family member dies.

Families/individuals may join the Burial Society for a one-time fee of $25. Membership is not required to purchase a burial or cremains plot, but is a way to support the society.

     We’ve created the Burial Society and operate the Cemetery to take control of this part of our lives and help each other as a community.

    We also support and encourage others in creating cemeteries in their own communities. If you have questions, either about the Burial Society or the Cemetery, in crisis or not, please contact us.

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