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Membership - Families/individuals may join the Burial Society for a one-time fee of $25. We encourage membership as a show of support and as a means of staying in touch with society events. Membership is not required to purchase a burial or cremains plot.

Members are encouraged to take an active role in one or more areas:

Clean-up / Maintenance - We have twice yearly clean-up days. We tend graves, rake paths, pull invasive weeds, prep for our annual Day of the Dead gathering.

Gravedigging - Occasionally members can assist in hand-digging graves and/or backfilling the grave.

Family Support - There are occasions where Society volunteers can, at the request of the family, provide support in making private funeral arrangements. Members can offer useful advice and experience while understanding that family members and friends will be carrying out all tasks.  

 Serving as a director - New board members are always welcome. We have one- and two-year terms; directors meet 3-4 times/year. Besides meetings duties include coordinating burials, recording-keeping, financial, cemetery maintenance and oversight.

List of Current Directors

Membership Application


Download here, or please contact Ruth Porter

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