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What We Do

       We own and operate the Dumont Creek Cemetery, a small (4.5 acre) cemetery at 6217 Claybrick Rd., Winlaw (access to the Cemetery is via Lancaster Road, approx. 2 km north of Winlaw - maps).

       Dumont Creek Cemetery is licensed by BC Consumer Protection. Natural burial plots including shroud burials and cremated remains plots are available.

    We do not pre-sell plots; as a volunteer-run Society, it is out of our scope to offer pre-arranged burials. Any pre-arranging would need to be done with family or friends – meaning you would prepare a burial plan outlining your wishes and instructions to contact us at the time of death.

Natural Burial - At Dumont Creek Cemetery our emphasis is on enabling families and friends to bury their loved ones in a simple and natural way where bodies are not embalmed, grave liners are not used and graves are hand-dug.

      Families and friends are invited to help with the digging of the grave, usually the day before the burial. (There is an additional fee if the digging is done by the Society.)  

Shrouds - In the province of BC, it is legal to be buried in a shroud. The body must be transferred from home, hospital, or coroner in a coffin. The Society has a transport coffin for this purpose.  Find more information on shroud burials here.


Family Support - As a burial society we support families who want a private burial. We offer information and support in this process, but it is the families that do the work — applying for the permits, preparing and transporting the body,


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