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Cemetery Philosophy

     The Dumont Creek Burial Society is served by a volunteer board representing its members and people in electoral Area H. It was created to provide a place for local residents to bury their dead. It has a mandate to support green burials and people's right to conduct private burials. It is also our mandate to advocate for, and encourage other communities in creating their own cemeteries.

     The Dumont Creek Burial Society Board performs two main functions. The first of these is maintaining the cemetery in a ready state. This involves planning for the expected number of upcoming burials; updating the records, maps, and documents. The second function of the DCBS is to support members' families and the local community in navigating the details involved in conducting a private burial. Providing information on shroud burials, body transportation, and grave digging options are examples of these services.

     The Dumont Creek Burial Society does not maintain or plow the road, parking lot or walking trails in the winter. This means that winter and spring burials are only possible in certain circumstances related to the family's level of involvement with the cemetery and understanding of the issues. The road is un-gazetted and isn’t maintained by YRB, so the people who live on the road pay for winter plowing and suffer through a long season of muddy ruts in March, April, and May.

     The DCBS does not advertise or pre-sell plots as there are a limited number of spaces in the cemetery and a limited number of spaces that it is practical to fill each year.

     As the DCBS is a volunteer organization, it should be noted that grave markers are not placed or maintained, and that cemetery cleaning and upkeep is done by members and volunteers twice a year.

     If required, the DCBS will provide a grave digging team to open and close the plot, but this requires time and planning and does not include other services like carrying or lowering the body. A board member will attend each burial to collect the paperwork and witness the burial. The burial is done by the family and the supervising board member can support and direct the family, but should not be expected to stay until the end or put all the tools and supplies away after the burial.

     The DCBS is protecting a model for a community cemetery, and communicating clearly about how we operate is an important part of everything we do to support and serve our community.

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