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Dumont Creek Burial Society - FAQ



4. Is it possible to choose plots in advance and are family plots available?  

Grave and cremated remains spaces are not pre-sold; the Cemetery is being filled by section. The logistics of reserved plots are beyond our scope as a Society. However, two cremated remains may be buried over a standard grave; meaning up to three family members could eventually be buried in one plot.


5. Are there guidelines for what kind and size of headstones?

Yes, please see the interment contract for these guidelines. Placement of memorial markers is the responsibility of the family. Larger pieces or sculptures can be placed outside the grave area with permission of the Board.


6. What about plantings on or near graves?  

Low-growing plants may be planted on graves. Bushes and trees may not be planted on or around the graves, but in designated areas, with the approval of the Board.


7. Who looks after abandoned graves?  

All of the graves are tended during our twice-yearly clean-ups. Major maintenance needed will be addressed by the Board.


8. What is the condition of road to the Cemetery?  

Claybrick Rd. is an ungazetted road. YRB is not required to perform any maintenance, though occasionally they have graded.  Depending on weather conditions, early spring access to the cemetery can be problematic.

9. Are winter burials possible?

We do not maintain or plow the road, parking lot or walking trails in the winter. This means that winter and early spring burials are only possible in certain circumstances and provided the family and friends cover the plow costs and shovel pathways.


10. What are the benefits of joining the society?

-   Supporting the work of the Society;

-   Receiving Society up-dates.

1. How can I get more information, and what do I do if there is a death in my family?

Contact DCBS member support:

Dan Armstrong 250-226-7124

Ruth Porter 250-226-7670 (day) or 250-226-7349 (evening)


2. When a death occurs who takes care of preparing and transporting the body?

With a privately arranged burial, all tasks are carried out by family members and friends.


3. Is it possible to be buried in a shroud?

In the province of BC it is legal to be buried in a shroud. The body must be transferred from home, hospital or coroner in a coffin. The Society has a transport coffin for this purpose.  Find more information on shroud burials here.

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