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When Someone Dies:

     If the family wants a privately arranged burial, contact Dumont Creek Burial Society and we can provide you with step-by-step instructions for obtaining the required permits. As much advance notice as possible is helpful as some things can be prepared before death.

      A burial permit is required before burial can take place. This must be obtained through Service BC by presenting the Medical Certificate of Death and two pieces of identification of the deceased.

      A transport permit (also available through Service BC) is required when the body is being moved, (i.e. from home to cemetery) and the body must be transported in an enclosed container. We have a transport coffin for this purpose.

      If the family is using a funeral provider, they should be contacted.

An Expected Death at Home 

     When a person has died an expected death at home, a medical doctor or nurse practitioner needs to pronounce death and fill in the Medical Certificate of Death. This needs to be arranged by the family ahead of time including alternate arrangements if the doctor/nurse is unavailable.


Unexpected Death

     When a person dies unexpectedly, (accidentally or suddenly) the police need to be called and they will notify the coroner. In all cases of sudden death, the coroner is in charge and an autopsy may be done. The coroner will complete the Medical Certificate of Death.


A printable PDF checklist for private funeral arrangements is available here.

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